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One of Those Days

Today feels like one of those days. I call it a “static-y” day. It means my energy feels out of whack and no matter how many metaphysical, energetic-correcting tools I pull out of my box, nothing seems to work. I … Continue reading

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I Love Juanita

I go to mediums quite a bit. Mediums are people who can communicate with the dearly departed. I am taken when they come up with something they could never know, like a name. There’s a medium named Yvonne O’Brien who … Continue reading

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Making It

On an ordinary day In an ordinary home A plain piece of toast Baking in the toaster Bacon sizzling on the stovetop And kids running around and around at my heels Laughing like children do The dog barks The cat … Continue reading

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There’s Glitter in My Eye

Jessie: I have a game we can play. It’s called, “Get the house clean.” Me: Oh, thank God. That sounds like a wonderful game! Jessie: It is. Ok, here’s how we play. We both hold our breath and look at … Continue reading

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Lessons Right Outside My Window

I recently posted a poem God is Like a Tree. I wrote it in a workshop called, Writing Your Way to Enlightenment. The workshop was at Horizon Intuitive Center and was given by a man named John Mulkey. John has … Continue reading

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