I am a mom, a writer, a co-author of a book called Surviving Braces, and a spiritual seeker. I went zen to not go crazy after the birth of my two children, now 4 and 6, and that is what I write about — being a mom and about my spiritual pursuits. I hope to touch other people with my own journey into the metaphysical.

My spiritual path consists of meditation on a regular basis, energy healing, and building psychic awareness. This list might sound a little out there, but the truth is, I’m a stay at home mom who loves to write and my passion is my Source. If you read and follow my posts, you will see that I want to find a lesson in all parts of my life; including the big, obvious lessons as well as the little fragments thrown my way that lead to changes in my way of thinking.

I’m out to seek truth and I want to spread that truth because I believe we are all One — One being, One light, One love — just One. For me, writing is my way of being One with you.

2 Responses to About

  1. Steven Grossman says:

    Nice meeting you and your friends last night. Hope you enjoyed the music. Just read some of your blogs-interesting from many perspectives, including the motivation to write…. keep writing…Steve

    • momssoulcafe says:

      Thank you Steve! For reading my blog and for treating my friends and I so special. We all agree it was a great night.

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