Stomping Silly

Yesterday I was at the Tax Commissioner’s office getting the new tag for my new mini-van. We went with the Honda Odyssey. Hubby tried to talk me into a SUV, but as a mom I cannot beat the roominess or the slidey-doors of the van and I’m just not ready to give it up… yet.

 So, Jesse and I were at the Tax Commissioner’s office getting the new tag when I noticed a mosquito floating by my chair. Without thinking, I got up and started trying to stomp it. I missed that mosquito a bunch of times. I’m sure I looked pretty silly, especially to those sitting further away from my chair. I was taking gigantic steps and making large arm movements as I took each step towards helping the mosquito evolve into its next life.

 Jesse was also cheering me on to a victory over the mosquito. So together, she and I were making quite a scene in an otherwise tranquil environment.

 But something happened. Everyone started to laugh. It was just one of those silly moments when I felt that making an ass of myself was just what we needed sitting there in that very adult place. We were all there with an adult issue to take care of and having to wait our turn. It can get kind of boring checking the iPhone for the millionth time in a 20 minute wait.

 Normally I might have been embarrassed about my display, but for some reason I wasn’t. I never did get that darned mosquito, but Jesse was delighted with my behavior. So was a man that was sitting across from us. He had sincere joy in his laughter. Somehow that made it ok for me.

 I was silly and silly is good. I see my silly side as divine, in fact, and I would never want to give that up – not for age or because I might be judged or because I might judge myself for not adhering to the made up rules around me; those rules, which are just my perception of “the rules” anyway. Someone else probably sees the situation in an entirely different way.

 I left the Tax Office with a lighter heart and a new, much more colorful car tag. Jesse and I went on with our day, and that mosquito went on flying around the office. And hopefully, one person there had a good story to tell about the grown up woman stomping around the Tax Office acting like a loon.


Today, I acknowledge and give gratitude for my silly, less-than-adult side. I am silly as part of my divinity. And I welcome those that need a little silliness in life to join me.

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4 Responses to Stomping Silly

  1. I love the silly side of our family! You have to admit we have always embraced our silliness. Glad to see it is passing forward to the next generation! Love it!

  2. J. W. Jacobs says:

    I actually did laugh out loud.

    • momssoulcafe says:

      Thanks Jeff! I hope you are doing well. I orderd the book from the link you sent. Looks interesting…

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