Behold, Life

A small point of light, a pin-prick.
It grows into a larger, more
Seeable force, with time

A swimming fountain of light
Pouring from the depths
Of a world filled with silent existence

A place in the seat of humanity
Connected by those pin-pricks of brilliance

Directed by the fancy of an unseen
And fingers that are longer than the imagination.

It’s infinity at its finest
A place where only
A handful of the flesh finds itself

Behold, it’s the simple eye that will see it.

The light is a gift
And the fountain a presence
And you are the stream of One

Getting ever closer to
A truth of your own making

Behold truth carefully
Behold life with joy
Behold Oneness
A bridge over waters, wild or calm

It’s your choice.

You are the proof of radiance.
You are the attestation of Life.

And behold, Life never ceases to flow.

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