Here, Here to a New Year (and Narrowed Intentions)

I’ve written a few posts through the years about the New Year and my intentions. I know a couple of years ago my intention was to stand in my own truth, let come what may. By honoring who I am and what I stand for. I also acknowledge the I am still defining who and what that is; every day that vision becomes clearer.

Last year, my intention for the New Year was to earn money – a living, some paychecks, and have a bank account of my own. I was successful in this. I have a bank account and I have been earning money from my efforts.

I have successfully stayed at home and pursued about 15 different avenues of money-making. A few of these include: marketing campaigns for people and companies, signing up for Rodan + Fields Dermatologist to become a consultant to sell their skin care products (great products by the way), making home-made deodorant , lip balm, bath fizzies, and body butter under the product name Jennifer K (I’m still getting orders), and to top it off I worked hard at the end of this year and received my Real Estate license. I signed with Chapman Hall Realtors, and I’m ready to sell. I even have my first listing out there.

In 2012, I took a class in Orton Gillingham, a method of helping dyslexic kids learn to read, spell and mostly, to retain information. My goal was to tutor kids, but in the end, I decided to just write a blog on it. For a while, I also wrote a blog for my favorite metaphysical store, Phoenix & Dragon. But, I stopped writing. Not just the P&D blog — for the most part, I stopped writing everything but the Orton Gillingham blog.

That is what this post is about. My intention for 2014, is to honor my passion and get back to what I love most — writing. I still have the goal to earn a living, from home, where I can do mommy-oriented duties without stress. Enter real estate. I’m not foolish enough to believe there is no stress in a real estate career, but it’s a living and I can work on my writing and be around for my kids.

I spent 2013, planting the seeds of my vision. I didn’t know what I was doing, but I took on just about anything that came my way. I honored my creativity in ways I didn’t know existed for me.

Recently, I was in a meditation on a Saturday evening at Phoenix & Dragon. A picture came to me when my meditation was at is deepest. I saw seeds being planted in the ground. I knew it was about 2013; all of the “seeds” I had planted to make my income a reality. And somewhere in my mind I said, “I know my seeds will be flowers soon.” But my “mind” (guides?), said, “No. Not flowers, TREES!”

I can appreciate that analogy – I’ve planted TREES!

Now, to narrow down the vision of those trees in a forest of creations I have made. Focus.

So here’s my focused intention for 2014: I am going to have the first draft of a fictional memoir called Radio Drive written and ready for a real, expert book editor (funded by my real estate sales).

This is a book about my grandmother, Juanita, and her daughters (including my mother) overcoming adversity in a home of male dominance. It’s about six women kindling spirit-light in the dim backdrop of their life with my grandfather.

I will post from time to time about my progress and what I am feeling as I go through this process of, literally, becoming my grandmother.

Already today, I read her obituary. It touched me to see her life condensed to two paragraphs – born, moved, lived in, married, married, death. “Survived by those that loved her most,” is what it says at the end and it lists those of us that are left to carry on her memory.

That’s my intention in a nutshell. I am here to carry on my grandmother’s legacy of love and strength. And I intend to make it a reality this year.

My favorite picture of my grandmother. I think it shows her spirit so well.

My favorite picture of my grandmother. I think it shows her spirit so well.

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  1. memagigi says:

    If anyone could channel Momma’s spirit and life, it would be you, my monkey. Seeing her picture and reading your words about Radio Drive brought quick tears to my eyes. Her life seems so short and not nearly the fun it should have been.

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