A Review: The Importance of Being Extraordinary

Being Extraordinary

Hay House furnished me with this 2-CD Set in exchange for a review, but I intend to purchase it for anyone and everyone I know. I, honestly, love, love, love The Importance of Being Extraordinary.

I loved these CDs for the authenticity between Eckhart Tolle and Wayne Dyer. It’s a question and answer format where each (or both) give a perspective on different parts of his spiritual philosophy. It is also an interview between the two, both asking and reflecting on the other’s experiences.

For instance, Dyer talks about his experience of leukemia, and Tolle questions him as an interviewer. Tolle also gives his insight as to what has changed in Dyer since his healing with John of God, the Brazilian healer Dyer credits with his cancer recovery, and with his newfound feeling of a more genuine state of awareness.

I have read many books on Consciousness, including books by Dyer and Tolle. I love my books, for sure. I usually do not want to listen to any book on CD, especially a spiritual book – I want room for highlights and comments. And that is another appeal of the format of the CDs – it’s not just a book being read. It doesn’t feel like rehashed material. It feels like Dyer and Tolle are truly sharing their experiences with me as I listen to them.

The recording is from a conference in Hawaii, where Dyer lives. He invited Eckhart Tolle to come to the conference as his guest. The two play very well off of one another. They are alike enough in their beliefs to give continuity to the overall gist of the CDs, but they each arrived to a place of heightened consciousness in different ways, which they share throughout the talk.

I didn’t just listen to the CDs once; I have listened multiple times. I even made it a meditation of sorts; closing my eyes and listening, following my breath; opening my heart to what they have to say and learning from the gifts of growth they impart.

In their knowledge, I learned a ton, but through their humility I felt like they don’t mind letting us know that even the most spiritually influential people among us still have room to grow, as Dwyer did grow spiritually from his sickness.

I feel grateful to have The Importance of Being Extraordinary in my library. I absolutely, 100 percent recommend this CD-set to anyone. It’s funny, helpful, interesting and fulfilling to the mind and soul.

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