Tapping into Ulimate Success

Tapping is an old form of healing known also as Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT for short. Tapping Into Ultimate Success by Jack Canfield & Pamela Bruner is a new take on this old healing technique.

Tapping uses acupressure points to eliminate unwanted emotional behavior. I’ve heard of people using it for anything from food cravings to smoking to sleep issues. One practitioner told me she used in on a child who was afraid of fireworks and other loud noises with great success.

tapping pict

I was interested to read the book Tapping Into Ultimate Success because I wanted to know how to apply this EFT technique in my life or in the lives of others. I was given the book from Hay House Publishing to review. The book explains its method well – it even comes with a DVD that is very helpful. I sat in the coffee shop tapping away on myself and proudly showed friends my new knowledge.

I liked the updated method in Tapping Into Ultimate Success from Canfield and Bruner. From what I can tell, past EFT methods include saying the negative situation, for example, I am not scared of that dog, while tapping the acupressure points over and over. One would continue the tapping sequence until the negative emotion is no longer felt. But Canfield and Bruner go a step further. They include positive reinforcement statements. For example, Even though I am afraid of being criticized, I choose to feel excitement about the situation.

The book is thorough, it includes a lot of information and it is great knowledge to have. However, I felt like I was studying for a class. It is a lot of information that if you are not able to use in a clinical practice, I’m not sure is something to keep up. Initially I was very excited, but without regular practice I lost interest. And, I’m not sure tapping works that well doing it on ones self. I felt that I got something from the practice on myself, but I couldn’t help but wonder how much more effective it would have been for me to go to a person that practices the method regularly – like a healer.

I have had friends that have energy healing practices and psychiatry and psychology practices that love this book and use the information regularly. For them, it’s the perfect tool to add to a practice. For me, I’m not sorry for the time I took to read the book, I like it, but I do not see this as a miracle solution to all of my personal growth. It’s a just a good addition.

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