God Is Like a Tree

God is like a tree
Everywhere, when allowed

Reaching towards father sky
And down into mother earth
All at once

Everywhere, when allowed

The tree will house
the slightest of bugs
Even allowing the tiny creature
to take it down

Without Ego
The tree falls
Knowing there was no rank
in its life

A tree is the sun and the clouds,
the rain,
the soil of the earth.
It is the cool night air,
coming to fruition
as something to
be touched and felt deeply.

A tree is harmony of the elements.
A tangible reaction to its surroundings.

Serving all
Never asking for a return,
The tree is everywhere,
When allowed

A tree doesn’t look at its neighbor
And make judgments

A flowering tree doesn’t feel pride

A tree of fruit doesn’t laugh
At the poisonous tree

The oak never worries that the
Squirrels will rob its acorns

A dogwood doesn’t feel
Shame when a dog comes by
To mark its territory

Nowhere can a tree be found
Wearing a frown for neighboring trees
To witness

Even the dying tree knows
it still has service to offer.
It knows that life is ever changing.
The tree falls gracefully into the next stage.

A broken log becomes a bridge
over a creek
A limb becomes a young boy’s sword
A pile of twigs stokes a fire and keeps an
entire family warm.

Hang your electric light on a tree trunk
It won’t mind.

Sit. Breath.
God is like a tree.
Connected to the sky, to earth, to you.

Call on the tree as something to be realized.
Call it friend.

The tree is everywhere,
When allowed.

Baobab or Upside-Down Tree grows in Africa and Australia. The legend says that after it was planted by God it kept moving, so God replanted it upside down.

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