God Is Like a Sunrise

God is like a sunrise.

Shining rays fill the sky. Colors of red, purple, pink, and gold illuminate a magical force called Life.

The change is subtle, but constant as the sun rises higher in the sky. Like life, it is in a constant state of movement. Nothing ever stays the same, and the colors never repeat themselves exactly.

God is like a sunrise.

Its rays reaching far and wide. Touching everything. Connecting every particle. Connection that can’t be seen and can only be felt by stillness.

Move and the wind penetrates the moment. Eyes close and the sun can be felt deeper than deep. Seen through the eyelids and piercing every pore of skin.

 Flying rays touch and bounce and connect.

We are all connected, all of mankind, to one another, to nature, to the eternal depth of man and creator.

Be still, you are part of God, and God is part of you. God is part of your neighbor. God is part of your enemy. If we are all God-like, then treating one another with compassion should be easy. Treat others as you would treat your creator.

God is like a sunrise.

Lighting up the world one minute at a time, making sure to touch us all. Just as the sun takes its time to make an entrance, so some take time to reach God. But the creator is always there, like the sun.

Like the heat the sun leaves behind on a hot day, the Creator is forever in each part of the Universe, there for you.

Just ask, believe, conjure your truth and it will be there. It’s waiting for you.

God is like a sunny day.

 A flower blooms under its spell. A baby bird calls out and its mom knows what the baby calls for – a whisper from an instinct born to her long, long ago.

 A feeling in the soul says something. Listen. Can you hear it? Go with it. Brace nothing against what you tell yourself. If it is negative talk, say this word, “EGO” and move past.

 If it is a prompting, a whisper, getting louder; a move towards becoming a better you – move quickly, without haste. It’s your instinct. It’s your soul. It’s God.

 God is like a sunny day.

 A buzzing bee stops to gather pollen, so that all flowers may bloom and life and love march further on.

Nature knows love. Gathering things breeds more things. Gathering knowledge breeds more knowledge. Gathering love, breeds more love.

Decide what you want to gather and be good at it. But make sure in the end, it was worth gathering. Decide before you gather, that it is worthy of gathering.

Knowledge is not bad, nor things. But love? Love will always reign supreme.

God is like a sunset.

A dipping sun, like a performer bowing at the end of an emotional performance, gives one last smile before saying goodnight, allowing the moon to shine the sun’s light back to earth.

The ego omitted, the sun has no issue with the moon shining its light in the night. Pulling the tides to and fro. Helping guide the darkness along to see another day come, shining and bright.

Even behind the clouds, the sun shines bright.
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1 Response to God Is Like a Sunrise

  1. Kema Walker says:

    Jennifer, this is beautiful and I didnt know you were a poet! Really wonderful! ~Kema

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