Choosing with Heart

Do you think it is a fluke that we are here? I don’t meet many people that think so. Most people I know believe in God or some form of God – called Essence or Universe or something omnipotent sounding. Many people I know think God is somewhere outside of him or her self. But, what does that mean if God is outside of me?
Does it mean that I am not in control? If my house falls down, I say, Oh God, why did you do this to me? But would God really stop my house from falling down when God doesn’t even stop me from taking another human being’s life away?
If all my money disappears because someone stole it from me, do I ask, God why did you let this person steal my money? Even though God would just as easily let me steal the same person’s money if I so desired.
When my child hits a brick wall and has to get stitches in his face, I say, God, thank you for it being a cut instead of his head being damaged and his brain affected. I thank God. But was it really God that didn’t let his head get smashed? Does an action also have free will or is that controlled?
A man may do whatever he so chooses. The wind may blow whichever way it wants. The dog may bite a person if he is so inclined. Even a lowly roach can decide if it wants to come out in the daylight, exposed to a foot ready to stomp it into eternity.
Free will; it’s where life is. Free will; it’s our choice how we react to certain situations. The situation will happen regardless – it is the way we grow in life. The question I ask myself now is, will I react with my mind, (my thoughts), or my heart, (my soul)?  And the answer is, it’s my choice.
My Essence, or the part of me that is one with my Creator, and also one with you, has the desire to be my decision maker. Every time I let that happen, I grow. When I see myself as bigger than just my life, as a part of something more – like part of a universe of actions and reactions, of happenings and happen-stance, of things that can be good or bad, depending on how I look at “it” – I feel small and big at the same time. I know I am a part of a whole. When I let my mind be the decision maker in my reactions, or actions, I go backwards a bit, or at the very least stay the same as I am now.

It is my desire to always decide with my heart, acting in love and kindness towards those around me. To act as my Creator would, with a humble spirit, grateful for what is around me in the present moment, but always looking ahead for how to be better, more loving, more kind, more gentle, more giving, happier, healthier, and most of all, more conscious of my choices.

Note: I realize this post might be a little heavy on the philosophy, but I was inspired to write it after I finished a book this morning called, Radiance: Experiencing Divine Presence by Gina Lake. It was a free e-book I downloaded to my Kindle (the wonderful gift I received on Mother’s Day this year). The book was inspiring and beautifully written. So when I finished it, the writing above is what came out.  Mine does not reflect the beauty of her writing and it does not even begin to touch all that she said in the book. Above is just what came when I sat at the computer today. If you are interested in Lake’s works, she has a big list of books, credentials and a website:

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