More Prosperity, Anyone? Yes, PLEASE!

This past Saturday I was where I typically am on Saturday nights at 6, my local metaphysical bookstore, Phoenix and Dragon, participating in the meditation. This week’s focus was prosperity. It was a packed house. And, I was even able to convince a friend of mine to join me this week with ease. Who doesn’t need a little more prosperity, right?
The reason I love going to a meditation on this topic and focusing my energy on it is that I learn all over again that I am the one in charge of how prosperous I am. It reminds me to live life rather than letting my life’s circumstances dictate how I will live. The meditation provided principles and motivation and even reminded me that angels are all around to help me with my life’s difficulties when I take the time to ask.
The interesting part about prosperity and the Universe (or God, if you prefer), is that, according to those that study prosperity, there are rules and ways of acting and asking for the outcome you desire. This is why some are much more prosperous than others. And, I’m not just talking about money here.
The first principle of wealth is to look at your present moment. The right here, right now. What are you doing to make your next moment better? If you are not doing something in that realm, then you are not going to be more prosperous in your future.
Want better health? Then spend the present moment eating right, learning about eating better, exercising, or doing something that in general is going to improve your health. Want more money? Then spend the present moment finding a way to make more. Starting a business, finding a new job, figuring out how to ask for that raise you know you should get this year (the economy be damned!). Want more love in your life? Then spend the present moment writing a thank you note to someone that has recently done something nice for you, or call a friend and tell them one (or more) of the reasons they are so important in your life. Do something that promotes more love in the exact moment you think you need more love in your life.
The presumption is, when you create a better present moment, your future moments reflect it. I’m not just coming up with this stuff on my own, by the way. There’s a whole book called, A Happy Pocket Full of Money, by David Cameron Gikandi, with all kinds of little tid-bits like this. I have to warn you though; this book is not for the faint of heart reader. In other words, I would not call it an easy read so much as a really interesting and helpful read if you have trouble feeling money- or wealth-worthy in your life.
The other main principle I gathered from reading this book was, rather than asking for what you want in the future, it might be helpful to go ahead and act as if you already are there. You know, I AM wealth, I AM abundance, I AM joy. In fact, this statement is repeated throughout the book over and over and over again. After every paragraph it is repeated, so while reading you are actually repeating a mantra.
But I digress from this book and its principles and back to my meditation this past Saturday.
I went in feeling like I could really use this particular meditation at this moment in time. I’ve said in my earlier posts, 2010 was a rough year. I see my vision board (see post, Vision Board Visions) making a difference in my life, so this is good. I recently have received a couple of book orders for Surviving Braces, one from an orthodontist which is more or less the only way I can make money from this venture. I have had a renewed wonderfulness lately with Hubby. We are closer than we have been in years. I recently had a terrible cold and am now feeling much better from that, so my health is good. But you know, it’s still that money thing for me. There just never seems to be enough for what I really desire in my life.
One of the main things I desire in my life is a particular private school for my children. They now attend the school, but with the housing market being what it is, it is hard to afford. Really hard to afford along with the other things we have to afford in our life.  So this is something I wanted to concentrate on in my meditation. PLEASE for the love of all that I have, and I am darned grateful to have what I do have, but PLEASE let the money rain down for the school!
And the message I received is this: let go. Let go of the notion that there is only one solution to your asking. When you get locked in to only one solution, then you are trapping yourself. The money will more than likely be there when you feel so strongly about the subject, but you are limiting yourself to this one solution, this one school, and not seeing any other way. YOU are trapping YOURSELF. BE CREATIVE and EXPLORE your OPTIONS.
It might not have been exactly what I wanted to “hear,” but it sure made sense to me. I have been limiting myself in this matter and causing myself great stress over it. I will look into other ways to have my children get the kind of education I want and I will create a Plan B, just in case we need one. Problem solved for now.
In addition to getting my own guidance for something I had been concerned about, I also received guidance from Don Simmons, the wonderful man that leads the meditation. He too has Principles for Prosperity one can live by for better abundance.
These are 12 principles of prosperity:
  1. Harm no one.
  2. Do good work.
  3. Add value.
  4. Enjoy what you do.
  5. Make a difference to others.
  6. Give a portion of what you make to someone who needs it.
  7. See the higher purpose in all you do.
  8. Define your intention.
  9. Don’t judge (yourself or others).
  10. Listen to others who are wiser.
  11. Be willing to change.
  12. Let go of outcome.
These are, to me, wonderful principles to live by and to increase prosperity. I am going to really try and use these principles to make my present moment better which should in turn make my future moments better and more prosperous.
The other advice Don gives on money prosperity is this: we often look at money as a masculine, or yang (in Eastern culture), energy. It is something to possess or get. Don suggests looking at it as a more feminine, or yin, energy – as a nurturing, helpful energy in one’s life. Not something to possess, but something that helps us feel more secure and taken care of. This feels good to me. I like feeling that when I earn more money, it means I can take better care of myself and those around me.
Other affirmations Don included with this meditation follow. I hope your day is prosperous and happy and you can use these affirmations to guide your mind and soul to a more prosperous life.
I am a creature of God who accepts my Prosperity for the greater good of all creatures great and small.
I attract into my life all that is needed and all resources I need are available to me now.
I am guarded and guided by angels of divine acceptance. I am free to prosper completely.
I have abundant Health.
I have abundant Wealth.
I have abundant Time.
I have abundant Love.
I have abundant Spiritual Connection.
My world is pre-paid.
I now graciously and gratefully accept the Greater Good into my life. For I am Divinely designed for ABUNDANCE and PROSPERITY.
Sources: (Don Simmons’s website)

A Happy Pocket Full of Money, Your Quantum Leap into the Understanding, Having, and Enjoying of Immense Wealth and Happiness. David Cameron Gikandi. 2008

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  1. Brenda says:

    I enjoyed your post on creating prosperity. The advice you offered included concrete things we all can do moment by moment to make sure we are living (and receiving) the best of what life has to offer. You are an inspiration!

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